Mentorship is a personal development relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. However, true mentoring is more than just answering occasional questions or providing ad hoc help. It is about an ongoing relationship of learning, dialogue, and challenge.

The above description is unashamedly taken from Wikipedia, and provides an excellent starting point.

Let me set the record straight right from the off;

My background is described to some extent on the home page, however I made a decision when I started the business in 2010 that this was an opportunity to only work with people under certain circumstances, and those decisions are made based upon strong self-awareness and understanding of what and where my strengths are, and what I can do to maximise the results of my input for any business executive/owner.

As mentioned elsewhere on the site, people are critical to any business, and for you as the business owner/executive, self-awareness is an important starting point. People often either start a business, or find themselves promoted into an executive role, with little or no training or mentoring, then feel under pressure to make it work, and meet the expectations of peer groups, friends and family etc. 

In such circumstances it isn’t unusual during challenging periods to retreat into your shell and pretend that you have all the answers. I know I did for long periods of time, so if we remember the Wikipedia description of mentoring, it can be about forming an ongoing relationship with an external figure who can provide objective views and support.

At the other end of the scale you could be fortunate to only require help as a one off event, however no matter what your situation, a conversation might just provide the spark you need to change/move your business forward.

The question might be, can you afford not to?